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COMSATS University Latest Jobs 2023 Careers at Comsats University Islamabad’s Vehari Campus are being advertised on the university’s website, The good news for those of you in Pakistan who are hoping to get work at Comsat University is that opportunities have just opened up.

You have found the proper location. Here, you’ll find a detailed description of the open opportunities and instructions for how to apply. Down down you may also find official adverts. Pakistani nationals are being sought for the following openings in the cities of Attock, Vehari, Wah, Lahore, Abbottabad, Sahiwal, and Islamabad.

Anyone looking for employment at Comsat can do so through the company’s website. To the extent they meet the requirements, these positions are open to both men and women. The minimum age, educational requirements, years of relevant experience, and location of residence for each available position are shown here. COMSATS University Latest Jobs 2023

There is a global group called the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS). Its goal is to employ science and technology to close the expanding gulf between the developed and developing worlds. With Nobel Laureate Dr. Abdus Salam at the helm, the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) proposed the establishment of COMSATS.

Islamabad, Pakistan was the site of COMSATS’ founding meeting on October 4 and 5. The event was attended by 36 country delegates. Twenty-two ministers, as well as other members of the Islamabad diplomatic community and representatives from international organizations including UNESCO, UNIDO, UNEP, and the World Bank, were present.

The conference voted for Islamabad, Pakistan to serve as the permanent location of the Commission’s headquarters and secretariat, and for the President of Pakistan to serve as the forum’s first Chairman. It was decided that Pakistan’s government would cover the Secretariat’s running costs and administration, while the Technical Assistance Fund would back and pay the Commission’s development initiatives.

COMSATS University Latest Jobs 2023
COMSATS University Latest Jobs 2023

The first seed money for this pool of money would come from voluntary contributions from participating nations as well as any profits made by providing services to other members or receiving grants from international organizations. COMSATS University Latest Jobs 2023

The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) founded the COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) in 1998 under the name COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CII). COMSATS is an intergovernmental organization with 27 member states across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

These countries include Bangladesh, China, Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, Iran, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, and the United Arab Emirates. In August of 2000, the Federal Government granted CIIT a charter, making it an official degree-granting institution in the public sector. As of April 2018, according the COMSATS University Islamabad Act 2018, CIIT is officially recognized as a federally chartered university.

The Chancellor of the University of the Pacific serves as the Senate’s chairperson. The President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan holds the title of Chancellor at the University. They also have a virtual campus and locations in Lahore, Abbottabad, Wah, Attock, Sahiwal, and Vehari in addition to their main campus in Islamabad. COMSATS University Latest Jobs 2023

In the future, COMSATS University Islamabad hopes to take on a more national identity. Its long-term goal is to establish itself in every state. In 5, 10, and 15 years, it plans to be among the top 5 universities in the country, among the top 100 in developing countries, and among the top 300, 200, and 100 in the globe.
It is the mission of COMSATS University Islamabad to seek truth through the promotion of learning and the extension of knowledge; to disseminate this knowledge through instruction in a wide variety of academic fields; and to put this knowledge to use for the betterment of the people of Pakistan, the Muslim Ummah, and the rest of the world.

Positions Available for COMSATS University Latest Jobs 2023

  • Mathematics
  • Management Science
  • Computer Science

Key instructions & Application Procedure For COMSATS University Latest Jobs 2023

  • Please visit our website at within the next week for eligibility requirements, a CUI application form, and more details.
  • All interested parties should submit their resumes and a copy of their CNIC, as well as any relevant academic and professional certifications, to the address shown below.
  • Absolutely no TA/DA will be allowed for COMSATS University Latest Jobs 2023
  • No one who wasn’t already on the shortlist was invited to the interviews.
  • As of the 28th of February, 2023, the online application deadline for jobs at Comsats University Islamabad has passed.
COMSATS University Latest Jobs 2023
COMSATS University Latest Jobs 2023

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